Sands New Zealand offers several Facebook Groups for online chat support

Sands NZ Bereaved Parents Chat

This page is an additional service offer by Sands New Zealand where lots of parents find great support from other parents throughout New Zealand. The benefit of it being online is that we can help offer support to those living in an area where there is currently no support group located.

The online chat is not intended as a replacement for any local groups support meetings, or support offered. But it does provide a safe, non-judgemental place to vent, grieve, share memories, or chat.

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Sands NZ Bereaved Dads Chat

Similar to the Bereaved Parents Chat but for men only.

This group was set up after Sands New Zealand saw a need for men to have a place where they can comfortably vent the feelings and discuss what is on their mind with other men. There are no women in this group and it is moderated by Frank Rolfe

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Sands NZ Bereaved Parents Information

This page was set up to share information amongst Sands Members. This may be information on products or services available, upcoming Sands support meeings, publications released, news articles, etc.

A great way to keep up to date with what is happening as well as to share things with others yourself.

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