Sands New Zealand National Training

Sands Annual Training

Sands New Zealand provides training for its members. The year of conference training may be held the day before conference starts. On the alternate year from Conference training will take place at a location around New Zealand. Generally this is also held in winter.

The structure of this training is similar to that of Conference, however it is purely for Sands Volunteers from their area groups, and not open to the public.

As with Conference, the following aspects are covered:
  • AGM
  • Sharing time for Area Groups displays
  • Workshops and seminars with keynote speakers

The training is generally run over a weekend. 
It is a requirement that all new groups attend training within 2 years of starting their group. It is then recommended that at least one member of your group then attends a training session at least every 2 years. Please refer to member guidelines for more information on training.

The Next Sands New Zealand Training